Sydney Packing & Unpacking Services

MoveMakers provide packing & unpacking services on request to save you time and ensure even the most delicate of items are transported safely.

Packing Services

If you are planning a move, you will need to get your house and contents safely packed up.  This can be daunting, as packing an entire house can be a time consuming task.  MoveMakers team of packers is here to help.  We are packing professionals and have experienced packers who can take care of all your pre packing. We recommend pre-packing is completed the day prior to your move day to ensure your ready for your move day. Whether you’d like a help with the kitchen and breakables or the whole house packed MoveMakers can save you time and make your move easier.

Unpacking Services

Once you are in your new place, you face the task of unpacking a house filled with boxes.  This can take days to complete, and can be overwhelming deciding what goes where. Whether you’d like a little help with the kitchen or other priority areas, or the whole house unpacked for you. Our experienced unpacking team will ensure all your belongings are safely unpacked either to counter top or arranged into cupboards, shelves and wardrobes. Partial/Kitchen unpacks can usually be completed on the same day as the move. Whole house unpacks are best completed the following day.

Contact us to discuss your packing requirements.

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