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Packing your possesion properly can make your moving day that much easier and it can make unpacking less of a chore.

Start packing early.

If you’re going to do yourself one favour during your move, it’s this: give yourself plenty of time to pack. Moving is stressful enough — you don’t want to be scrambling last minute, throwing everything in boxes. Start early so you can take your time and pack your things properly.

Declutter/Cull as you pack.

Decluttering and culling cab be time consuming but can be a bit simpler when you’re already packing, and is better than moving and unpacking items you don’t use.

Pack tightly but don’t overfill.

Tightly packed boxes mean you use less and also mean less chance of breakage or damage. However, make sure you are using the right sized box so you don’t end up with heavy, overfilled boxes which makes them harder to move and to unpack. To help your removalists have an easier time carrying or moving your boxes, put heavy items such as books, cookware, and sporting gear in small boxes. Pack light items like blankets, linen, and pillows in bigger ones. Place heavy things at the bottom of boxes, not overloading them and limit movement within boxes by filling empty spaces with linen, bubble wrap, towels or crushed up packing paper.

Use the right packing materials.

Get all the supplies you need to start packing. These include boxes and other storage containers, bubble wraps, butcherpaper, packing tape, etc.You can start boxing up the items you do not use often at least a month before your move date. Having everything packed in appropriate removals boxes makes the loading and unloading of your move easier. Remember butcher paper makes packing much easier.

Label your boxes and your rooms.

Labelling your boxes means you know what’s in them when unpacking, but can also mean your boxes end up in the right rooms so you have everything on hand in each room when unpacking. Label each box with the name of the room and if possible a short description of what’s in them eg Kitchen – dishes. Also, create labels for each room (A4 paper, a marker and some bluetac is all you need), stick them up in each room and do a five minute walk through with your removalists meaning everything is in the right spot for you to unpack. Alternatively use a colour code system.

Create an essentials box and a last minute box.

Make a list of everything you will need during the first 24 hours you spend in your new home. These can include basic bathroom and toiletries, bedding, some kitchen and dining ware and utensils.

Pack these items together in one box so that can use them immediately in your new home

If you don’t have time to pack, hire professional packers.

A lot of people underestimate how long it will take to pack and as a result aren’t organised on the day of their move, meaning it takes a lot longer and costs more. Spending that money on professional packers makes your life that much easier and depending on how far you got could actually save you hundreds of dollars. We can help you with all you packing needs whether you just need some help to finish of your pack, a partial pack of the fragile items or a complete pack. Give us a call to discuss how we can help on 0416MAKERS

Pack appliances in original boxes.

Try to pack all electronic equipment, like TVs and stereos, in their original boxes. Or ask our team about the complimentary TV box during your move.

Take photos of the back of your electronics.

Take a photo of the back of anything that has more than two cables. This will make reconnecting at your new house much easier.

There you have MOVEMAKERS tips for packing up before your move.

If you’d like help with your move, packing or packing materials give us a call on 0416MAKERS



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