20 Oct


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Confirm moving procedures with your building manager.

Ask if there is anyway that the building manager prefers moves completed, he/she has a lot of daily responsibilities, so a little understanding on your part can go a long way.

Most apartments require you to book a date and time slot (am/pm). Make sure you advise your removalists how much time has been allocated.

If you have use of lifts for your move, ask if you can get a lift key. This enables the removalists to lock the lift meaning we aren’t competing with other tenants for the lift use. In some lucky cases you may have a goods lift available.

A lot of building require trucks to be parked in specific areas or sometimes loading docks. With loading docks it’s especially important to confirm the height of the loading dock.

In some cases all moves have to be conducted by taking all the contents out through the underground parking, it is advisable to ask the removalist’s to provide a ferry vehicle and an extra man to make the process more efficient.

As with all moves the more prepared and packed you are, the faster the move will be.



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